10th Anniversary Celebration Questionnaire

To help us celebrate the Ethics Bowl’s 10th anniversary on Feb 2, you are invited to answer the following prompts, in a paragraph. You can answer one or two or all. Signing your name is optional though we would like you to include your school and year. Selected entries will be printed in the 2019 anniversary program.

You have 2 options for submitting:

1) Fill out the form on this page

Your submission will be stored for collection on our website for when we’re ready to process and collate all the answers.

or 2) You can also mail your replies to:

Squire Family Foundation
PO Box 1030
East Northport NY 11731

Thanks for your help.

For those of you who want to mail the questions, here they are so you can copy-and-paste:

  1. I enjoy Ethics Bowl because…
  2. I think Ethics Bowl provides a unique experience because…
  3. Ethics Bowl has had an impact on me and here’s now….
  4. If I could change one aspect of Ethics Bowl it would be…
  5. I have an idea for an Ethics Bowl tag line (a tag line is a short, promotional statement such as, “Ethics Bowl: It’s Super Bowl for your Brain”), and here it is….

Including Your Name is Optional…

Also, please answer:

  • School and year (freshman, etc)
  • I participated in Ethics Bowl for ______ years before this year
  • This is my first year participating in Ethics Bowl _______
  • I plan to participate next year ___________
Please fill out our 10th Anniversary Questionnaire
Note: A "Tag Line" is a short promotional statement such as the one we have on our masthead right now "It's Like The Super Bowl… For Your Brain!"
OPTIONAL: you don't have to include your name...