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In 2015 we hired a consultant and web programmer to build us an online scoring tool that would automate the day-of scoring for any registered HSEB location. The initial version was a huge success and for the first time we ended the Long Island Bowl on time! What really makes it great though is we can implement more locations using the same algorithm!

The Algorithm

The site and algorithm are built on the WordPress platform. Each team is entered into the database as what’s called a custom post type that has extra variables associated with it. Our Algorithm works by taking all of the points awarded to each team in each round, entering those values into the corresponding team post on the website and then computing on the teams variables that were entered using weighted constants to arrive at a single value called the Master Point Value or MPV. Teams are then re-arranged upon visiting or reloading the results page based on their MPV and after each round you can see the current standings across all teams!

Here’s a Visual

W(A) + L(B) + T(C) + JV(D) + OP + PD = MPV

Where W = wins, L = losses, T = Ties, JV = judges votes, OP = overall points, PD = point differential – letters A, B, C & D are our proprietary constants that we use to properly rank teams based on the varying importance of the other variables.

So What is the MPV?

MPV is the Master Point Value. This number is run through the team database and then teams are automatically rearranged for a visual map of where teams rank during and upon completion of your regional ethics bowl.

Interested in having the scoring tool at your location?

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